Freelance Writing:

Helen's freelance writing is geared towards newspapers and magazines. With a forte in research and interviews, her bold and fresh style yields thought-provoking feature articles. Helen specializes in transgender/trans issues and identities.

While most people feel comfortable within the socially-constructed gender binary of male or female, many individuals feel this rigid structure does not fit who they are inside. Her vibrant articles provide unique insight into the subtleties of gender by exploring how people define and express their gender identity—which often clashes with society's expectations of gender expression and gender roles.

N.B. Some individuals prefer the word "trans" rather than "transgender." In Helen's writing, the term transgender is inclusive of all trans identities and is a catch-all term that encompasses but is not limited to: cross-dressers, transsexuals, intersex, genderqueer, and two-spirited people.

 Author of Fiction for Young Adults:

Helen is currently writing a novel about a male-to-female transgender teen.

Her manuscript was selected for the Quebec Writers’ Federation Mentorship Program for 2011.

To get a glimpse of her novel simply click on the “writing” tab above or to be a beta reader click here.

 Guest Appearances:

Helen with Dr. Betito.

As a specialist in transgender issues and identities, Helen has appeared on Dr. Laurie Betito's radio show, Passion (CJAD). Dr. Betito is a psychologist and sex therapist. The topic was gender creative children—it's a hot-button issue. What does it mean to be "gender creative?" To find out, check out the podcast.